Our History

Sensei Roberts and Sensei Price moved to Charlotte from Aurora, Colorado, to start their own martial arts academy. In 1996, they took over a Martial Arts America location on Kings Drive. Three years later they bought the studio and renamed it the Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. Within a year, student enrollment doubled. By 2003, it was time to move to a new, bigger location.

We’ve enjoyed growing our martial arts family and offering a variety of special programs in our new home.

Guest instructors/speakers have included:

  • Sigung Richard Bustillo
  • U.S. Judo athlete Marti Malloy, 2012 USA Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • Motivational speaker Ryan “Cowboy” Ehmann
  • Soke Tafan Hong, Owner/Head Instructor of Kage No Michi School of Ninjitsu 


“CMAA is a fantastic school not only for the martial arts, but also for the wonderful honor, respect, and discipline that they teach…. Sensei challenges the students, and they know they’ve truly earned each belt level and promotion.”  – Camille Dabney Asmer.